Let Them Do the Dirty Work: A Cloth Nappy Hiring And Laundering Service

By Hannah Schenker

Auckland parents – this one is for you! Are you keen to use cloth nappies, but don’t know where to start? Not only that, but because of the demands of your busy life, you are completely overwhelmed by the idea of all that laundry and hesitant to give it a go? Well you’re in luck, because Auckland has its very own cloth nappy hiring and laundering service – Eco Nappy Services. Making it super easy for you to chuck out the plastic and go cloth nappies all the way.

How does the service work?

Eco Nappy Services will come to you for an initial consultation to show you how to use their system and find a safe and discrete place for you to leave your nappies out for collection. That’s right – it’s just like the rubbish collection – super convenient for you.

From there, they will provide you with a weekly or twice-weekly delivery service that supplies you with everything you need to use their cloth nappy system, including: reusable nappy liners, pre-fold nappies, nappy covers, Snappis, a bin liner and bin deodoriser (their bin is optional with a bond of $40).

The nappies: After each use, simply tip any solids into the toilet, then pop the liner and pre-fold into the bin provided. The nappy cover can be wiped clean and reused until it needs a wash.

On your pick-up day, you will tie up the bag of used nappies and leave them out for collection where it will be replaced with your fresh set of nappies for the next week. It’s really that simple!

The Ecobots cloth nappies do not need fasteners or pins as they are secured with velcro, though you do have the option of using a Snappi fastener if you wish. The nappies come pre-folded in three parts. You can choose to arrange it differently for either a girl or boy child – changing where the most absorbency will be in the nappy. Once the nappy is folded and ready to go, you pop a liner in the nappy (to catch solids), then a cover over the top of the whole thing. For more information on the boy and girl folds, and to see some demonstration images, visit the website.

The pricing for the service varies, depending on the number of children and nappies required, and how often you need a pick-up. Basic service starts at $45 per week – which includes once weekly service.

You can book online HERE, or get in touch with Solange Juillard, Owner/Operator, at ph: 0220 426 895.

Visit the Eco Nappy Service website for more information.

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