Plant and oil blends for your natural skin-healing journey

Yin & Yang: How do you balance work and family? 

I have to admit, the biggest struggle in this journey for me has been trying to find the right balance. I am so fortunate now to be a stay at home Mum, but this doesn’t seem to make it any easier!  

When I launched the business four years ago I was a working Mum in Early childhood education. Since then I have had another baby, topping up our family to a household of six! Time is precious and there never feels to be enough of it but I guess it is safe to say that trying to perfect this balance is still a work in progress!!

The drive: What challenges have you overcome? 

Like I said above, the balance has been the biggest challenge by far. Mum life is crazy enough as it is without trying to chuck a self-run business in there too!    

These products have been a saving grace for our darling Milly and although her eczema is now under control, she still uses them daily. Our whole family benefit from them, especially the balm as it is used as an all-round healing product in our house. If the big girls hurt themselves, get itchy bites or have a bit of wind burn or chafing from sports, they know what to use. And we use it on our baby for nappy and dribble rash too. All four of our girls are involved in our wee business as we harvest leaves together, they watch them dry and infuse and are forever wanting to lend a hand in the kitchen when I create more. Maybe when they’re a little older this will work in my favour!

Therefore, no matter how big the struggle of balance may be some days, I will continue to make our products for my family and to share with others nationwide.

For better or for worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business? 

The number one pro for me is being proud of what I have designed and seeing the difference it has made to Milly’s wellbeing. Nothing can top this!

Being thanked by people I haven’t even met before is always very warming, knowing that I have helped make a difference to their families too.  

I always thought it would be pretty cool being your own boss but my brain isn’t very equipped to the business side of things so I find that a bit of a struggle and am forever learning new/more efficient ways to achieve particular things.

The stress of work/family balance is probably the biggest con and feeling as if there is never enough ‘time’ in the day.

Hopes and dreams: What next? 

Milly’s Magic has grown so much in the past three years and reached so many New Zealand families and beyond! I have shipped to Australia, America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong and Guatemala! For a little wee New Zealand business this makes me so proud!

I would love to knuckle down and create new products to expand the business past our sensitive range. I have a few in the pipeline such as shave, shampoo and conditioner bars. I would love to introduce essential oils into some alternative products too because who doesn’t love a little natural fragrance right!

Again, that wonderful element of time seems to disappear too quickly though! Dreams are free!! But maybe once my kids are a little older and our house has quietened down a little, new things will have a chance to blossom. Watch this space!

Head to the Milly’s Magic website to find out more and to view their wonderful range of natural products. You can also follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram

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