Take Another Look

Now I know that you know, your appearance is not the most important thing in your life, it’s not even the fourth or fifth, so I would love you to put your self image worries away for a moment. It’s a big ask to put aside years of attention and worry, to live in the moment. So what if instead of trying to make yourself more beautiful, you change your focus to a more meaningful beauty. The look in someone’s eyes while they watch their children play or your face as it softens when someone takes your hand. These are moments worth keeping and cherishing. They are moments of wonder.

Just as important is to acknowledge that the the changes in your face and body are a record of your life and your journey – this is much more important than looking 22 years old forever. You may begin to notice the changes in your body as you cradle your tiny new baby and be amazed at its ability to be what you need it to be. You can respect the time it takes to get back to a strong and healthy body to be proud of and feel your priorities shifting to the age old realisation that protection of the child outweighs everything, and that wisdom is a much more useful attribute than perfect skin.

If you do get brave enough to book that photographer, don’t try to figure out your best angles, or smile in a certain way. Connect with the people you love. If you get nervous and don’t know what to do with your hands, take someone else’s. Don’t look at the camera, look at the wonderful little people you made.

With the right photographer, photoshoots don’t have to be uncomfortable things that you wish would hurry up and be over. They can be “real” time with your precious people. Quality time where you actually connect with your children, enjoy their company and come away full of love and often peace.

Trust your love and the photographer too because the new family photography has room for your chaos and your calm.

Maddy Stockford is a lifestyle family, newborn and wedding photographer from Auckland, New Zealand, who specialises in on location, heartfelt family photography. You can see more of her work and get in touch through her website: maddystockford.com, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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