The Beauty, Healing Powers & Life-Enhancing Energy of Crystal Grids

Many people pick the stones they use based on the properties of the individual crystals that are aligned with what they would like to manifest. Others will intuitively choose what stones to work with and later look into the crystals’ properties. If you don’t have a lot to choose from, don’t worry. You can still work with what you’ve got. It’s the setting of your own intentions that is most powerful here. The crystals work with your own inner magic and power, as well as their own metaphysical properties. They can be even more powerful when people come together to create the grids. It can be a wonderful group activity that can bring in positive energy at workshops, events or celebrations.  

You might like to include a crystal grid as part of a more complex ritual, or you may keep it super simple. Some people like to do them on a cloth, board or piece of paper with sacred geometry on them, as they believe this increases the power of the grid. Others like to include pieces of nature, like leaves, shells or flowers in their grid. 

You can do a crystal grid whenever you feel the need. Personally, Carla likes to do them during the New Moon and the Full Moon, as these are more powerful times energetically for doing this kind of ritual work. It’s also wonderful to meditate with your crystal grid when you are finished. 

The possibilities are endless and it’s really important to trust in your own intuition when doing this kind of work.  

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