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The drive: What challenges have you overcome? 

This one gets me quite emotional, but also fills me with a strong sense of pride and accomplishment as I’ve had to deal with several challenges since launching The Bliss Coach. The most recent would be the current Covid pandemic. Having to completely pivot my business to online whilst caring for a toddler at home proved to be an overwhelming experience, but putting my own teachings to work, I learnt to become more and more present in the moment, rather than focusing ahead on the future. Living in such an unpredictable time, I found that taking each day as it unfolded meant I wasn’t consumed with the ‘what ifs’ that an uncertain future brought and was able to adapt every day to whatever unfolded. Another challenge was my health, and after a trip to emergency back in 2019, I was hit with a diagnosis of an auto-immune disease that has changed the way I live my life. It took a lot of inner work, but I now live with acceptance and am able to manage it very well. So much so that I educate others on it too. 

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business? 

I believe that this comes down to one’s perception, but there are also some obvious pros and cons to having your own business. Having my own business has allowed me to create a work environment of my own, deciding how much I work, what I do and the income I make, however business also requires some sacrifice, and this has meant at times I’ve gone without an income, or had to work when I haven’t wanted to build up the business. When employed, you have a degree of certainty, whereas when you’re self-employed, there are no guarantees. I just focus on showing up as the best version of myself while following my business plan; goals are very important! 

Hopes and dreams: What next? 

Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve recently welcomed another son into the family, so again I’ll have to adjust my work to be present for my family as well as find balance between work and home, however 2022 is certainly going to be an exciting year! I’m currently finishing my very first book and aiming to publish mid-year. I’m also expanding my services beyond the hair and beauty industry and have been recently welcoming anyone wanting to ‘find their bliss’ using my methods and guidance.  My business tag line is ‘mind, body, business’ so I’m eager to continue with my holistic approach as well as develop further on a personal level. I’m also continuing with my studies to add to my skillset and learn more about the things that drive me. I also have a secret project due to be released soon, but you’ll all have to wait patiently for my announcement! 

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