We Can’t Control Everything in Parenting, But We CAN Control What Skincare Products We use

Not only do we care about you, we care just as much about our wider communities: 25c out of every Epoch product sold is donated to the Force for Good Foundation. Since 1990, millions of dollars has been contributed to helping millions of others in need. For more information, please visit www.nuskin.com.au and select Culture and Community to see all the amazing work that has been done by us all working together.

Now let me tell you a story that completely blew me away about our Glacial Marine Mud mask. A business partner overseas had a customer complain that the mask had small glass particles in it. She had used the mask and once it had dried, the small glass particles appeared. The company took this extremely seriously and a full investigation was launched. The findings from this were incredible: turns out this poor lady was in a car accident 20 years ago and the small glass particles had been deep in the pores of her skin ever since! This mask really opens pores and cleanses out all the impurities, but to pull out glass particles is really something else.

I know everyone says their products are the best, but the Epoch Natural range is really unique, from the Baby Hibiscus Bath Wash (that not only gently cleanses your baby, but also works wonders for children suffering from skin conditions such as eczema), to the Polishing Bar (that gently polishes your skin, removes oil, grease, hair dye, fake tan and any other unwanted skin build ups), and all the natural oil ranges – we really do have a lot to offer.

Check out our website www.thebeautyinthesouth.co.nz or email me at thebeautyinthesouth@gmail.com and I will happily answer any questions for you.

Take care, and try to enjoy that coffee while it is still hot!

Tania from The Beauty in the South xx

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