Online Meditation Benefits Stay-At-Home Parents

Quality and consistency is key to having a strong regular routine.

Having a like-hearted group to share your experience and encourage one another is a brilliant way to support you – they can be your cheer squad and a great social outlet too. A group session once a week is good practice to really anchor your new skills and build confidence. Online meditation group connection is great way to achieve this and allows you to experience the practice on a regular basis from the comfort of your own home, as well as being fully supported and encouraged.

Being part of an online meditation group for two years, I gained a depth of experience, a broader world view and many life enhancing benefits that I now would like to share through creating a new online meditation group. This like-hearted me-time meditation group is focused on stay-at-home parents, creating a safe, sacred and supporting space. Meditation is a great way to centre your being, fully connect with your heart space and inner self, allowing life to flow naturally through you. When you are in a relaxed and balanced space, so is your baby/child and the rest of your family and friends can feel it too.

Keeping it simple is important and having a regular practice helps you to find your centre, to carry you effortlessly through the day. Having a like-hearted group to share meditation and engage with at a deeper level helps to strengthen your practice. By holding space for everyone to grow and feel nurtured along their journey serves as an invaluable support network. Parenthood can sometimes feel like a lonely journey and when you have a like-hearted group to be part of to share and support each other is such a blessing that is beyond words.

For more information about both your local like-hearted meditation groups and/or online me-time meditation group for stay-at-home parents, connect with the Beeloved Essence Facebook page or

Ahhleeyah Grace specialises in family wellbeing mentoring with over 25 years’ experience working with families from both country and metropolitan areas in Australia and New Zealand.  She draws on her science, natural health and education training and experience to bring a holistic approach to mentoring and guiding individuals and families to achieve health, happiness and harmony.  Ahhleeyah offers an integrated holistic nature based educational approach that is unique to each individual and family. She helps people to tap into their innate wisdom and focuses on supporting parents and youth with their wellbeing and studies, specialising with year levels 11 and 12 students.  Ahhleeyah is passionate about community and embraces cooperative projects that help the environment and community to thrive.

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