After Birth Care: Postpartum Care Kits for Mums to Rest, Restore and Recover

The Drive: What challenges have you overcome?

When I think of my journey so far, my biggest challenge would have to be getting back into a business mindframe – mine went on hiatus for a while since I’ve been Mumming full time since 2015. Recently I feel like I’m finally in a place where I can switch into ‘business mode’ and work on my tasks without feeling guilty that I’m not spending 100% of my energy on other tasks (kids!).  I think this was a really important leap for me as it is difficult to put all your energy into something, if in the back of your mind you’re feeling guilty that you should be elsewhere.

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business?

There is so much time and learning involved in running a business and everything is reliant on me, from the social media side of things to preparing the kit and making sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed – it’s quite a lengthy process in making sure each kit is perfect. But I love every moment of it and each time an order comes through, or I see a  ‘like’ or comment on social media, my heart swells and I do a little dance. I think that’s what sets small businesses apart from bigger ones – you know that someone is doing a little happy dance on the other end.

Hopes and dreams: What next?

I am currently in the process of researching products and items for our newest Cesarean Care Kit which I will be launching in early 2019. I’ve already had some great feedback on what will be included. In 2019 I will have a comprehensive list of postpartum support options for women which will be included in every kit and relevant for the area that you live in.

Something else close to my heart is providing a donation from each kit sold to women who are unable to access proper postpartum support.

My mind is constantly running a mile a minute, so I have ideas for the business coming out left right and center – my husband is always on the receiving end of my ramblings! After Birth Care will continue to evolve and I have some big plans in the works… but that’s all I can say for now.

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