Boh Runga and Anika Moa Deliver Limited Edition Māma Pēpe Marigold Locket

In her first jewellery ‘bohlaboration’ Boh Runga has teamed up with long-time friend and collaborator Anika Moa to design the limited edition Marigold locket. 

Named after Anika’s daughter, Marigold is available in sterling silver online and at Boh Runga stockists around Aotearoa. The pair say when gifted, the Marigold locket is more than a piece of jewellery – it is a symbol of the stories that go with a cherished bond. 

Originally planned for release around Mother’s Day, they say it feels right to bring Marigold to life at the end of what has been a hard year for so many. 

“I think that with the way the world is now with limitations on travelling overseas, carrying reminders of those you care about becomes even more poignant,” said Boh. 

Anika agrees, “Now it is more powerful than ever.” 

“It feels like we have slowed down as a community and as people. And it’s times like these you do treasure loved ones and nature.”  

“This year has taught me that whānau is what’s truly valuable in life and to have a locket that you can pass down to your son or daughter is just so beautiful.”  

The taonga is the result of an early morning text last year when Anika asked Boh to create a keepsake necklace to store a lock of her pēpē’s hair. 

“I love memento mori and keepsake jewellery and it’s hard to find interesting pieces like that. So that was the start of Marigold,” said Boh. 

“When someone receives the Marigold locket I want them to feel that aroha that I feel whenever I hold my daughter in my arms. You know, the bond between mother and child and the love that it represents,” says Anika. 

The Bond of Friendship 

For the duo who have shared the stage and a friendship for more than 15 years, the Marigold project has been a journey of reminiscing.  

Their friendship started with Boh wearing wings and Anika barefoot on stage. Both originally from Christchurch, they went on to share many performances, tours and an album.  

“I knew her when she was “Youthful, long ago”, sang Boh. 

“We’ve done a lot of gigs together. Me with shoes on, her without. 

“I was Boh’s support act for my second ever tour of New Zealand and she took me under her wings, like literally she was wearing wings and we just had the best time. I so look up to her. She ma girl,” said Anika.  

The fan-girling is mutual as Boh thinks Anika is brilliant. “I would love to see her host the Aotearoa Music Awards,” she said. 

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