Earthwise Oxy in a Box!

Earthwise Oxygenated Whitener is an effective stain remover and deodoriser which acts as a laundry booster in top and front loader washing machines. Great for breathing fresh life back into your whites, keeping your whites white and colours bright, without the use of chlorinated bleach. Ideal for pre-soaking cloth nappies and heavily soiled garments. 

Earthwise has pioneered eco-friendly cleaning in New Zealand for more than 50 years, with environmental sustainability and improving their environmental footprint at the heart of everything they do. They use plant-based biodegradable ingredients that are grey water and septic tank safe and effective, naturally. Earthwise continues to look for new ways to reduce its environmental impact and this is another great example of that commitment.

The Earthwise team understands that your family’s health is paramount, and that effective cleaning doesn’t need to cost the earth – planet and pocket!

Discover the full range of Earthwise household cleaning and Earthwise Nourish personal care range at your local supermarket. Visit their website to find out more and join their communities on Facebook and Instagram.   

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