Empowering Women to Love Themselves Through Beautiful Boudoir Photography Sessions

The drive: What challenges have you overcome? 

I’m Brazilian and my biggest challenge has always been my English. These four years working with different cultures had been amazing for growing my confidence. 

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business? 

The outcomes are the gold of my work: to see these gorgeous women love themselves again and make them feel empowered and sexy is amazing.  

The hardest part is finding a way to get women to come to me and take the first big step towards changing their lives.  

Hopes and dreams: What next? 

I want to show women my energy: to look at you with no judgment, to help you to see how gorgeous your body is and how amazing you truly are. You are enough and I’m here to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.  

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