The Value of Simple, Effective Skincare for Kids, Tweens & Teens

The drive: What challenges have you overcome? 

From rebranding only a few months after launching to me spending hours and weeks re-doing the website, there have been many challenges! As a child born in the 70s, perhaps the most challenging aspect of running my own business is the technical side, including social media platforms and Google. I create and manage my social media accounts, which can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking. Prior to starting Kids Care Co, I was not at all active on social media. I was therefore very unfamiliar with where to even start! I am constantly learning and making mistakes along the way, but I love that I am able to tap into my creative side, which was lacking in my trained occupation.  

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business? 

I love running my own business. I have always wanted to create something for myself and as I entered my 40s, it began to feel as though it was now or never. I am so proud of what I have created that wherever the business goes, I will be satisfied that I gave it 100% and was a role model to my children to follow your dreams, work hard and to find a job that they are passionate about and really enjoy.  

I was naïve to the number of hours that are required to run an online business. As I do not have a business partner, I am responsible for all aspects of the business, which can at times be overwhelming. The time required to spend in front of the keyboard or on a device instead of with family is definitely a con.  

Hopes and dreams: What next? 

I hope to figure out the work/family balance and continue to be a role model for my children through my hard work and perseverance with Kids Care Co. I would love to see Kids Care Co products become a staple in bathrooms across Australia and the world. I truly believe that establishing positive skincare and self-care practices from a young age is not only beneficial for a young person’s skin health as they enter their teens, but with those practices comes independence which has benefits including promoting confidence, a sense of importance and healthy self-esteem.  

Visit the Kids Care Co website to find out more and to shop their range of products. You can also join their communities on Facebook and Instagram.

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