Thunderpants – Supporting Kids to be Kids

By Hannah Schenker

Think back…Think way, way back to when you were a kid. Do you remember how you loved doing cartwheels and handstands? Playing elastics, or playing cops and robbers? Climbing trees, climbing through hedges, climbing anything you could? The feeling of absolute freedom in your body – your strength and flexibility as you hung off the monkey bars, or climbed up the slide. So much energy, as you stripped off your clothes and bounded around in your undies to play in the garden. Kids still love to do these things. They love feeling free and not held back by uncomfortable clothing, especially their underwear. Parents, of course, want their children to be comfortable too – which is where Thunderpants come in.

How do Thunderpants support kids to be kids?

  1. Thunderpants will move and stretch with your child so they can keep exploring and playing in comfort and won’t be constantly pulling their undies out of their butt. The Thunderpants fabric is 90% organically grown cotton and 10% spandex to give it that lovely comfy, soft stretchy feel.
  2. They provide great coverage. Thunderpants are designed with plenty of fabric so you don’t end up with a wedgie or a builder’s crack like conventional undies.
  3. They are not too gender specific. Yay individuality! Neither too girly-girly or boyish, your kids can express themselves through the cool and quirky designs – like the latest Thunderclouds. There are also spots, stripes, sausages, zoo creatures, plain black and even rainbow stripes to choose from!
  4. They’re built to last, thanks to the material stretch which means the pants will grow with your children – there are many stories of items being on their third, fourth + child.

If your child is still rather little, Preschool Thunderpants are great for babies over their nappies or as first trainer undies. Easy to whip on and off in a hurry and wonderful for containment when things haven’t gone to plan! They will grow with your child and should keep them going till they graduate to school age pants.

So that’s your undies covered. What about other essential items?

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